Tuesday, January 5, 2010


People get the wrong impression about my life.
Im not perfect.
I dont have a perfect life.
Ive cried myself to sleep many times.
My parents are separated and there are money problems.
I have no time to do anything but ballet.
I feel bad about alot of things right now.
Im crying so i blogged.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is how things are... ;)

What can i say? Im relaly happy with life and what it brings. things are working out great.
Ive moved on from missing "the life" in nyc now im happy and thankful about being here to spend my last year. this place is amazing and like no other. This is my last year here why not make it great? I like this girl now. im happy. i hope things work out :)
thats all now <3

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Im back!!!!*(:

The last time I updated my Blog was when i was enjoying one of my last days at Joffery, Sadly that is over and has been for like over a month. I loved it there everyones smiling faces and smart remarks peoples talent, but most of all i miss the city and my few Bestest friends there. The feeling was amazing, waking up every morning, getting on the subway, walking the city streets to ballet. I loved it. I was offred to go to the trainee Program and all i would of had to do was have a schooling program online. But i talked to my parents and they said that i was still young, but they never really said no, then i Went into this huge sadness after i left joffrey and the folling weeks was nothing but tears and hatred against summer being over. I spent time in the wonderful hamptons in NY and had a fantastic time, taking my mind off of leaving joffrey. but a couple of weeeks passed and i was still in The hamptons in ny. One day my dad was online and bought plane tickets to come home and it didnt bother me unit; I got on the plane and noticed that all the excitement and ordering pizzas at 3 in the morning was over, i got sad.
My best friend and my other father came to pick me up from the airport when i landed and we went shopping and went to eat before we started our two hour drive home to virginia. I go to my house and town and was like wow this place is dead lol it was just a weird feeling being back at home. but i felt good, for two weeeks of being home i didnt have any ballet classes and i was going insane missing joffrey, cause i simply had hardly anything to do. ballet started back like two weeks ago and it has been going amazingg and i have nutcracker auditions Nexxt saturday, september 26th! It doesnt bother me anymore about being back home cause im with the people i love and doing the thing i love the most, Dance. I dance everyday monday thru saturday! right after school till whenever and most of the day on saturday! Iloveit. Im finally finished with my paperwork for north carolina school of the arts! but i still have to audition to be fersure a student there next year but im not worried. I danced during the summer with one of the head ballet teachers at NCSA And she told me two years ago that i wouldnt have trouble getting in the school year round. now, its two years later and im 100% better than i was then when she said it.
that means this is my Very last year living in Virginia before i leave for boarding school And im loving my last school year here! Its great, but icant wait to get outta here!
thanks for reading my story!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two days left until i go to h3ll again :)))

So, i officially have two days left at Joffrey Ballet School. Im hoping to get to come home for three weeks and come back here for Joffrey year round trainee program, That would be amazing. Ive learned and had so much good people in my life here. I Wish EVERYONE could stay but it definitely won't happen. God I don't even want to think about leaving here. Everyone here is so openedminded and thoughtful, I guess you can't always have everything your way.
But god would i kill to have this. North Carolina School of the arts will be amazzing. But truthfully i dont think anything will top this. Im sooooo Excited to come home but i want something completely bigger. Either way im going to be outta galax by next year. Can take writing in this damn thing.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So, Joffrey is practically amazing. i love everyone,everything,and life.
Ive never felt so good about myself and my talent.
Ive earned to trust yourself and let your body and mind take you on a ride.
Walk away from combinations and think about them so you can understand them better.
When i came here i had my doubts about dancing.
Getting to then point where i wanted to quit, simply cause i thought i wans't good enough.
but truth is, I am.
ive worked soooo hard these three weeks and put everything i possibly could and then some into it.
I want this more than anything.
I signed up to be evualuated for the Junior trainee program.
Its a program where ill come home after this summer and stay for three weeks and come back here for the year.
I hope i get in and get schoarship.
north carolina school of the arts is seriously calling my name.
I love being around people that are alike and that share the same intrests.
it really makes me shine.
I miss home and those country people ;)
Daisy i miss you . i truly hope Mitchell is well i miss hhim more than anything
well time to go love you all.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I leave tomorrow!!!!! ahhhh.

So The countdown has ended! I leave for joffrey tomorrow morning! I finished packing tonight, and everything is ready to go, but i have a feeling im forgetting something. But who doesn't when they are leaving for something?!? ahahahaa.
I wake up tomorrow around nine and then leave at ten for the airport.
Galax is done with for a while!!! :D
And im excited but im also kinda scared.
Its almost midnight so i shall goo :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hey, If you have seen the news paper then you would know that this is my joffrey update website(:
Well, i officially have three days until i get on the road for joffrey!
Ill leave tuesday the seventh and arrive at my grandmas house on the eighth and have two days with family; then ill be going to joffrey on the eleventh.
Today July 4th, i went shopping for everything i need. Im soo excited.
And Im going to miss taylor sooo muchh!!
and yeah Daisy i wish i could see youu!!!!
I miss you alot kidddo.
ballet willstart soon enoughh though.
My last year at the conservatory.
then im off to biggger things hopefully.
i love everyone who readds this,.